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Exotic Animals, Bugs, Reptiles and Bird Shows

Fun Educational Monkey Show and Rentals

Our Monkey Show is a Fun Educational Experience for the Whole Family! The action begins with primates performing tricks to tickle your funny bone!  While enjoying the performance you will also learn many interesting facts about where they are from, what they like to eat, and how they live in the wild.  This show also includes a Sun Conure (a small bird) who performs a fun trick with the audience.  Although there is no interaction with the animals, after the show their trainer will take time to answer questions from the audience.  They have also performed in many motion pictures and are available for rentals as well.















Fun Interactive Bird Show and Rentals

This award winning fun educational show is loved by children and adults alike and has been keeping audiences laughing and learning since 1989.  Our feathered stars perform 25 amazing tricks including riding a bike and a scooter, roller skating, 360 degree swing, playing basketball, bowling, and skateboarding just to name a few.  As well as animal and other impersonations and singing Clementine.  Learn many fun interesting facts including where they live in the wild, what they like to eat,  how long do they live and how are they raised and trained.  They are also available for beautiful displays and film.