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Have our Wonderful Magician come to Your Special Party for a up to an hour and a half of Magic, Fun and Bunnies to make your party The Most Magical Event of the Year! Our magician has been a professional magician for more than 25 years and does spectacular magic tricks that will have everyone amazed!  For children it’s not enough to just do great tricks, the show also has to be very funny and interactive to keep them entertained.  Our magician is hilarious and is sure to have all of your little and big guests rolling over with laughter!  He asks for up to 4 helpers with every trick he performs so there is constant audience participation, and at birthday parties your birthday child can be his special helper throughout the performance and be the star of the show!  He also has his pet bunnies who help him perform some of the magic tricks and after the show the children get to play with the bunnies while he’s packing up for 20 to 30 minutes which makes for up to an hour and a half of fun filled magical entertainment!