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Under the Sea

Little Mermaid Entertainment

Have our Little Mermaid come Make Your Little Princesses Birthday Party the for Biggest Splash of the Year! The fun begins with our Mermaid transforming all of the children into the Little Mermaids and Princes they truly are with fun dress ups and Sparkling Theme Related Under the Sea Face Painting.  Our Mermaid loves to make your birthday child feel extra special on their big day and will bring a special dress up for her to wear and a purse that has fun dress up jewelry in it as a special present.  Next our Mermaid will do arts and crafts with the children and they will all make Star Wands which they get to keep and our Mermaid will bring an extra special Star Wand for your birthday child to decorate.  After decorating their Star Wands our Mermaid will gather all the children together for an adventurous time of Under the Sea Dancing with their Star Wands and Ribbon Dancers starring your birthday child!.  To say farewell with lots of smiles, all of your little guests will get to choose a surprise out of a fun goody bag and our Mermaid will bring an extra special goody bag for your birthday child which has lots of fun party favors in it and a special princess sticker book!