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Hawaiian Luau

Hula Girl Entertainer

imageBring a little Aloha to your Little Hula Girls next Luau Party with our Fun Active Hula Girl! The Luau begins with our Hula Girl dressing all of the children up in Flowing Hula Skirts and Wrist Flower Bracelets or Capes and Tropical Themed Face Painting.  Our Hula Girl will bring a special Hula Skirt for your birthday child to wear at the party and a purse with a Flower Necklace, Flower Bracelets, and a Flower Headband as a special present for her to keep!.  Next our Hula Girl will do arts and crafts with the children and they will all make Flower Necklaces which they get to keep and our Hula Girl will bring an extra special one for your birthday child to decorate.  When all of the children are dressed up with their faces painted and decorated in their beautiful flower necklaces they are ready to do a special Hula Dance Performance for everyone, taught by our Hula Girl and starring you birthday child!  To say goodbye with lots of love and aloha all of your little guests will get to choose a surprise out of our Hula Girls goody bag and she will bring an extra special goody bag for your birthday child which has lots of fun party favors in it!