Special Memories Children's Entertainment

Adventure and Superheroes

With Superhero Training & Fun Adventure Game, Photo Craft, Balloons, Goodies and a Birthday Present!

Batman Spongebob Storm Trooper Scooby Doo Power Rangers Spiderman Powerpuff Girls

Have one of our Hero Characters and their helper come to your Little Superheroes Birthday Party for Non Stop Action Filled Fun that will make it The Most Adventurous Event of the Year!   The fun begins with Adventure Hero Training where all of the children will become the Adventure Heroes they really are!  Then our Adventure Hero and his new Adventure Team, led by your birthday child, are ready to go on their mission, to rescue a birthday present and a goody bag (both provided by our Adventure Hero) that all of the other little guests at the party get to choose a surprise out of.  But first, they need an adult volunteer from the audience, someone strong, fearless, and ready to be the source of lots of laughter from all of your little guests!  After they have completed their mission its time for Arts and Crafts in which they will each decorate an Instant Picture Frame and then each child will Take an Instant Picture with our Adventure Superhero to put in the frame they have decorated that they get to keep for a fond memory of a special day.  We bring the camera, frames and craft and you provide the Fuji 200 Instant Film, Polaroid 600 Film or printed out 3” x 3” digital photos. Then its time for more action when our Adventure Superheros helper will make balloon swords or light sabers for the children and he will have one too which makes for lots of running around adventure!