Special Memories Children's Entertainment


Halloween Pumpkin Straw Maze Play Zone

imageOur Halloween Pumpkin Straw Maze Play Zone is Perfect for your Halloween Event and will add Loads of Active Fun to any special event! We will provide an attendant at an additional charge dressed in colorful Halloween themed attire or set up the Play Zone to be attended by one of your attendants.  Either way it’s loads of Halloween Fun!


Halloween Costume Instant Photo Station with Themed Frame Craft

Our Costume Instant Photo Station with Frame Craft is Lots of Fun and Makes for a Cherished Memory for your little guests and their parents of Your Special Halloween Event! We will come and create a Halloween Photo Backdrop for the children to pose in front of in their costumes and a Photo Frame Craft Station where they can put there Special Halloween Photo in a frame to decorate with Halloween Themed Decorations.  We will also provide one or two attendants dressed in Festive Halloween Attire at an additional charge or we may do the set up and you provide your own attendants.image



Spooktacular Halloween Magic Show

imageOur Spooktacular Halloween Magic Show is sure to have all your little ghosts and gobblins Bubbling Over with Laughter!   Our magician is a professional and was trained by Hokus Pokus himself, so no one will know how he is doing any of the tricks that he is performing.  For children what really makes a show entertaining is that it has to be very funny and interactive. Our magician is hilariously funny (and will have the adults laughing also, although the humor is geared toward the children) and asks for up to four helpers with every trick he performs as well as audience participation so there are lots of opportunities for the children to help do the magic tricks. The magic show is 45 minutes to 1 hour and then after the show he lets the children all have a turn to pet the bunnies who have helped him perform some of the magic tricks!


Fun Active Halloween Singing, Dancing and Puppet Show

Our Halloween Singing and Dancing and Puppet Show is performed with a Popular Childrens Costumed Character (you get to choose which one) and their helper!  We start out with lots of Fun Halloween Activity Singing and Dancing which the children do with us followed by an adorable Halloween Puppet Show. Another option we offer with this show for Halloween is our “Country Ho Down Show” with Country Singing and Dancing and a Country Puppet Show we have called “Old McDonald’s Farm” which goes great with a Harvest Festival Theme.

After either of these shows there is time for children get to visit with the costumed character, choose a surprise out of their goody bay, and they may also pose with the character for a special photo.


Halloween Petting Zoo

This again is a great choice for a Harvest Festival Theme. We bring out a 12’ circular corral decorated for a Harvest Festival Theme (because, unlike the ponies, the petting zoo animals don’t like dressing up!) which the animals stay in the whole time with their attendant who helps the children to hold, pet, and feed them. We bring 10 to 12 animals which consist of pygmy goats, potbellied pigs, chickens and bunnies.

Halloween Pony Rides

Two of our sweet ponies will come with their handlers in their Harvest Festival outfits for pony rides and their handlers will also be dressed for the occasion. A nice addition to the pony rides is pictures with the ponies. We can bring Polaroid cameras and frames to do pictures with the ponies and also set up a frame decorating station for the children to decorate their frames.

Halloween Games

We have many games to choose from and all of them can be made to go with a Halloween Theme. The games may be rented separately or with prizes and an attendant.

Halloween Face Painting and Twist Balloons

Children love getting their face painted and twist balloons are always a big hit. We have many fun Halloween shapes we can make with the twist balloons and have a cute Halloween face painting chart with a lot of fun choices. Our face painters and twist balloonists come in their Halloween outfits which consist of colorful Halloween print slacks, a white shirt, and a badge with our logo on it (which is also colorful).

Halloween Crafts

A craft should be a memory of a special event and something that the parents will want to keep. We have several to choose from but one I especially like to do for Halloween is a Frame Craft we do with the children’s hand outlines (which parents love) where they are making bats, ghosts, or a Pumpkin in a pumpkin patch. We then take a Polaroid photo of each child in their Halloween costume to put in the frame they have created which makes for a truly special remembrance of the event. If you choose to do the Halloween Singing and Dancing Show or Trick or Treating Package with Costumed Characters we can take the photo with the children posing with their favorite costumed character which is a special treat.

Another craft choice for Halloween if you are doing trick or treating is to have a trick or treat bag or container decorating station set up for the children.

Trick or Treating

We can provide all of the supplies (trick or treat containers, candy, and party favor toys) and staff to set up and run a fun trick or treating area. We can also have the staff dressed as popular costumed characters which is a real treat for the children to trick or treat with characters they like and makes for great photo opportunities.

Crocodile Bouncer

Another great addition to a Halloween event is our Crocodile/Dragon Bouncer. It measures 45’ x 12’ x 10’ feet tall and rents for up to eight hours.