Special Memories Children's Entertainment

Country Western and Harvest Festival

Country Ho Down Show

This show is a Rootin Tootin Good Old Fashioned Country Ho Down with a Costumed Character (your choice!) and their helper who will also be dressed in Western attire for the occasion!  The fun begins with a Country Singing and Dancing Show which all our little cowboy and cowgirl friends will join in with us, including many fun country activity songs and everyone will learn how to do the Virgina Reel!  After the Ho Down there will be a country puppet show called Old McDonalds Farm which is a fun story about a cowgirl and her kitty who live on Old McDonalds Farm filled with lots of farm animals and singing and a surprise at the end!  After the show there will be time for visits and picture taking with our character and goodies for all the your little cowpokes!

Pony Rides

Have our Sweet Ponies and their helper Come to Your Special Party for a Rideum Partners Good Time! Our Ponies will be dressed for the party in their Cowboy Outfits (turquoise or red) and their helper will be dressed for the party as well in Western Attire which will match the pony.  During the Pony Rental all of the children get to take turns riding the pony with hand led pony rides which will be performed by our helper.






Petting Zoo

Bring the Barnyard to your Special Party with our Sweet Petting Zoo and their Helper who will be dressed in Western Attire for the occasion! Our Petting Zoo Party includes Friendly Chickens, Playful Miniature Goats, Cuddly Lion Head Bunnies and Lucky the Ducky, 10 to 12 small barnyard animals in all.  We will bring out a 12 foot circular corral that the Petting Zoo animals will stay in and the children get to hold, brush, feed, and love all of the zoo animals with the help of our attendant and up to 10 children can be in the zoo at one time.


Farm Animal Crafts

We set up our Craft Stations with all of the fixins for the little cowpokes at your special event to make Farm Animal Puppets, Balloons, Frames and Hats! The children can create chicken, cow, donkey, piggy, or duck puppets, balloons or hats with the help of one of our attendants who will be dressed in western attire.  This is a great addition to the Country Ho Down Show as the children can use their puppets, balloons or hate to participate in the puppet show!  Our Photo Frame Decorating Craft is Fun For Everyone and we will take an instant picture of each child with their favorite animal in the Petting Zoo, Riding the Pony or with our Costumed Character to put in their Decorated Frame for a Cherished Memory of a Special Day!  You provide either the Fuji 200 instant film, Polaroid 600 instant film (we will provide a camera for either), or digital printed out photos (measuring 3 x 3 inches).  We are also able to add a fun label to the frames (with any wording you would like) to personalize them for your special event.

Western Themed Games

We have many Western Themed Games to choose from all designed for ages 1 through 12 years old.  The choices are Feed the Hungry Cow, Piggy Lollipop Ring Toss, Big Old Barn Bean Bag Toss, and The Duck Pond.  The games may be rented separately or with prizes and an attendant.

Western Face Painting and Twist Balloons

Children love getting their Face Painted and Twist Balloons are always a big hit!   We have many fun Country Western shapes we can make with the Twist Balloons and have a cute Country Western Face Painting Chart with a lot of Fun Choices.  Our Face Painters and Twist Balloonists will come dressed for the occasion in their Country Western Outfits.