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Visits with Santa

Our Professional Santa Claus for hire will come for a memorable time with the children which begins with Christmas Holiday Singing and Dancing, followed by visits with Santa Clause for telling Christmas wishes, special instant picture taking and rainbow candy canes!   Then, before Santa has to go back to the North Pole, he tells the children a magical Christmas story.  Our Santa Claus Rental is also available for visits without the above described entertainment and Christmas Eve visits too!

Holiday Show

Our Christmas show starts off with a fun interactive singing and dancing with our Santa (or your Santa may join us) and his Elf Helper and may also include Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman! The children sing and dance with Santa and his friends to many fun Christmas activity songs including marching in a Jingle Bell Christmas Parade led by Frosty and being reindeer for Santa’s sleigh led by Rudolph.  Next Santa helpers will perform an adorable Christmas Puppet Show for the children about a curious kitten who has many adventures with the ornaments on the Christmas Tree while making his way up the tree to visit with the beautiful Angel who reigns at the top.  After the show there will be time for visits and picture taking with Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty and special rainbow candy canes for all.

Rudolph and Frosty

Rudolph and Frosty may come separately or together for strolling, visits with the children, posing for pictures and spreading Christmas cheer! They can also bring an elf helper and a frame ornament decorating craft and taking a special picture with each child to put in their frames they have decorated.  You just provide either the Fuji 200 instant film, Polaroid 600 instant film (we will provide a camera for either) or digital printed out photos (3 inch x 3 inch) to put in their decorated frames for a truly Special Memory of a Fun Holiday Party!

Holiday Magic Show

Have our Magician come to Your Special Holiday Party for a up to an hour and a half of Magic, Fun and Bunnies to make your party The Most Magical Event of the Season!  Our magician has been a professional magician for more than 25 years and does spectacular magic tricks that will have everyone amazed!  For children it is not enough to just do great tricks, the show also has to be very funny and interactive to keep them entertained.  Our magician is hillarious and is sure to have all of your little and big guests rolling over with laughter!  He asks for up to 4 helpers with every trick he performs so there is constant audience participation.  He also has his pet bunnies who help him perform some of the magic tricks and after the show the children get to play with the bunnies while he is packing up for 20 to 30 minutes which makes for up to an hour and a half of fun filled magical entertainment.






Holiday Face Painting

Santa’s Elf helpers will come to do Holiday Themed Face Painting which are always a fun addition to any holiday event!
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Holiday Twist Balloons

Santa’s Elf Helpers will come to bring sleigh fulls of smiles to your little guests faces with our Holiday Twist Balloon Creations!







Fun Holiday Carnival Games

We have many fun holiday carnival style games to choose from including the Lollipop Christmas Tree, Fishing for Candy Canes, Rudolph’s Reindeer Races, Frosty’s Snowball Toss and more! All of our games may be rented with an Elf Attendant and Prizes or just delivered and set up for you to provide prizes and your staff to runimageimage

Holiday Crafts

At Special Memories our crafts are designed to be a fond memory of a special event that is cherished and displayed for years to come. We have so many Christmas Crafts to choose from, the possibilities are limitless, and we can always design and customize a craft for your special event.  Just ask!  We also offer a full Christmas Cookie Decorating Craft Station and other edible crafts as well. 






























Read our Sweet Reviews!
Hello Dawn,
Thank you so much for assigning Robin to be our Santa Claus. The man was great, the best Santa we have had at one of our Christmas parties!
Merry Christmas,
Will F.  Watsonville Fire Department

Dear Dawn,
Thanks so much for the wonderful entertainment your company provided for our Holiday Party.  The Song and Dance, Puppet Show, Face Painting, and Magician were the best!  Your contribution really “made” our party the best it’s ever been.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Stephani M.
Event Coordinator
Silver Creek Valley Country Club
San Jose, CA

Merry Christmas Dawn!
Thank you for your partnership with Kid’s Club (at the Capitola Mall).  I really look forward to working with you and I really think we are going to bring Kid’s Club to the next level.  It’s very exciting!
I wish you and your family a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Allison C.
Marketing Manager
Capitola Mall

Hi Dawn,
It’s Amy J. and I just wanted to let you know that we had such a good time with Santa Claus and his Elf at our Holiday Party last weekend, even the adults enjoyed it!  The kids loved the Christmas puppet show and they are sure that he was the real Santa Claus from the North Pole.  It was so sweet to watch their faces while they were sitting on his lap telling him what they wanted for Christmas and when he told his special Christmas story.  Thank you so much for making our Holiday party so special!  I will definitely be calling you for their birthday parties this coming year.
Amy J.
Santa Cruz, CA


Christmas Pony Rides

One or two of our adorable sweet ponies will come with one or two elf helpers to give the pony rides. The ponies will be dressed in their special Christmas outfits which consist of gold, red, and green ribbons in their manes, a big ribbon of the same colors with jingle bells for their tails, and beautiful green with gold trim saddle blankets.  A nice addition to the pony rides are pictures with the ponies. We can bring Polaroid cameras and frames to do pictures with the ponies and also set up a frame decorating station for the children to decorate their frames.

Christmas Reindeer Petting Zoo

We will bring out 5 of our Adorable “Tiny Reindeer” (dwarf pygmy goats who are all under 24 inches tall!) in their reindeer outfits which include antlers and a Christmas bows.They will stay in a 12’ circular corral with their elf attendant who will help the children to feed, pet, and brush them. We can bring Instant cameras and frames so each of your little guests can take a photo with their favorite “Tiny Reindeer” and also set up a frame decorating station for the children to decorate their frames.